Animal Standard Grade Diatomaceous Earth

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Animal Standard Grade Diatomaceous Earth for animal welfare

Our Animal Standard Grade Diatomaceous Earth is suitable for all animals including horses, cattle, poultry, dogs and cats.

We also stock Ultra Grade Diatomaceous Earth which is classified as human food grade and can also used as a food supplement for your animals.

Our Standard Grade can also be used kill fleas, ticks, red mites and many other insects. Protects kennels, barns, coops from insect infestation.

Suggested use: Can be added to feed as a supplement for healthy digestion, muscle and joints and to cleanse the colon.

It is recommend that 3 - 5% of the dry weight is added to the daily food ration of your animal.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Animal Standard Diatomaceous Earth 

Warnings: Store in a cool dry place.