Dried Coarse Celtic Grey Sea Salt

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We have taken our original moist granular 100% natural pure sea salt Celtic Grey Sea Salt and naturally dried it to retain all the essential minerals and nutrients.

Our Celtic Grey Sea Salt is harvested from the pristine coastal sea waters of Brittany, France using the 1,000-year-old Celtic method of using wooden rakes to preserve the essential minerals, living enzymes and micro and macro nutrients that are trapped in the salt as it forms in the clay salt marshes. The salts light grey hue comes from the mineral rich pure clay lining of the salt beds it is harvested from. Completely unrefined, additive and preservative free, our salt is a healthier alternative to most salts and recommended by health professionals.  This salt is used around the world by professional chefs and bakers.

In addition to macro nutrients and oligo-elements, our Celtic Grey Sea Salt is packed with sodium chloride and 4% magnesium, 1% calcium, 8% sulphate and 1% potassium, providing an easy and enjoyable way to refuel the body’s electrolytes and mineral levels.

This salt is used by professional master bakers and chef around the worlds.

Suggested use: 

A delightful salt that can be used in cooking and seasoning. Try mixing with your favourite herbs and spices.  Other uses include sole water preparations, adding to salt pipes and bathing to top up your minerals and electrolytes levels or adding vital nutrients to your diet.  

Ingredients: 100% pure natural unrefined Celtic Grey Sea Salt