15% White Iodine

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15% Max Strength White Iodine Solution has multiple uses.

Research has shown Iodine to benefit our energy levels and to improve our mental alertness and cognitive function, and it also helps in the metabolism of fats in the body. It helps the reproductive system, assists in nerve and bone formation, and helps produce full and shiny hair. It gives us a greater ability to tolerate cold, it strengthens the immune system and helps remove toxic chemicals and radiation from our system, and it even helps us in having a good night’s sleep. Iodine has also been shown to aid quicker healing of burns and cuts and help minimising scarring

White Iodine, also known as Decolourised Iodine does not stain the skin and therefore ideal for applications to the nail or the scalp:

Suggested Transdermal Uses:   

Hair Loss 
White Iodine can be applied directly to the scalp for the treatment of hair loss. Apply White Iodine directly to the affected area once per day and you should see results in a few weeks of application.
Nail Treatment
White Iodine can be applied to the tip of the fingernail and just underneath at the tip. This is for the treatment of fungal growth but will also strengthen weak or brittle fingernails.

First Aid and Antiseptic uses
White Iodine can be used as an antiseptic and applied topically to cuts and abrasions etc. It will not stain your clothes like Lugol's Iodine, although it says that it is white it is actually colourless and clear.

Internal use: Only take internally after consulting a healthcare professional.

Max dose: Once 1-4 once daily for three weeks.

Our White Solution is made to 15% Max Strength formula.  It is supplied in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a pipette dropper for accurate dispensing.

15% Essential Minerals Max Strength White Iodine provides:

17.85mg of potassium iodine per drop

Ingredients: Distilled water, potassium iodide. (Contains no additives, alcohol)

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding or have thyroid problems.