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Celtic Grey Sea Salt

Celtic Grey Sea Salt

Essential Minerals Celtic Grey Sea Salt is a 100% natural gourmet sea salt packed with essential minerals and nutrients, available in three different varieties for you to enjoy. 
Our Celtic Grey Sea Salt is harvested from the pristine coastal sea waters of Brittany, France using the 1,000-year-old Celtic method of using wooden rakes to preserve the essential minerals, living enzymes and micro and macro nutrients that are trapped in the salt as it forms in the clay salt marshes. The salts light grey hue comes from the mineral rich pure clay lining of the salt beds it is harvested from. Completely unrefined, additive and preservative free, our salt is a healthier alternative to most salts. Recommended by health professionals and used around the world by professional chefs and bakers.
Our varieties include:
Original: A moist fondant salt perfect for all types of cooking and seasoning. Particularly suited to curing fish and meat and salt crust cooking or where quick melting or dissolving is required.
Dried: Naturally air dried to preserve all the essential mineral, enzymes and nutrients.  Perfect for seasoning and cooking.  Try mixing with herbs and spices to create a wonderful seasoning salt.
Ground: After drying, our Celtic Grey Sea Salt is crushed to produce 
a finer salt perfect for seasoning food before serving. Due to its ability to dissolve quicker it is perfect for salting butter and making bread